Center Ridge Weekly Family Worship Plan

February 22 – 27, 2016

The Family Worship Guide serves as a resource for all Center Ridge families. Throughout the week, we are able to join together in reading God’s Word and praying for our church, community, nation, and the world.

We are also able to lift our voices in song to praise our great Creator each week. The readings and song in this guide focus on the text that will be preached on the upcoming Sunday. We invite you to share the wondrous story that God has given to us in your homes each week.


Daily Bible Reading Schedule:

Monday, February 22, 2016:  Genesis 3: 1-7
Tuesday, February 22, 2016:  Jeremiah 8
Wednesday, February 22, 2016: Jeremiah 9
Thursday, February 22, 2016:   Jeremiah 10
Friday, February 22, 2016: Jeremiah 11
Saturday, February 22, 2016Genesis 3: 1-7

Pray for our Church:

Monday: Pray for Brother Bob and Mrs. Theresa. Pray that Brother Bob’s medicine would be effective and cause little side effects.
Tuesday: Pray for Brother Justin, Cammie, and Nathanael. Pray that the Lord would reveal more of Himself through his study each day. Pray that Nathanael would trust in Christ at an early age.
Wednesday: Pray for Brother Kenneth and Mrs. Susanne. Pray for an unspoken request. Pray for the Lord’s strength in allowing them to follow a new diet. Pray for Mrs. Susanne’s brother, Leon, as he adjusts to life changes.
Thursday: Pray for Jeff, Tammy, and Timothy. Pray that the Lord would keep Timothy healthy and that his new meds would control his seizures. Pray that the radiation treatment for Tammy’s thyroid would work. Pray that her energy and health would improve.
Friday: Pray for Brother Billy and Mrs. Melba. Pray for comfort and strength through the 10th anniversary of Adam’s passing. Pray that everything they do would be pleasing to God and glorify Him.  
Saturday: Pray for Bryan, Vanessa, and GraceLynn. Pray for their trust in God to grow stronger. Pray that Bryan’s job would continue to grow. Pray that GraceLynn would grow in herself and God fashioned her.
Pray for our Vision: By making disciples

22 Ideas to Help Your Children Study And Love the Bible

(18) I have been especially challenged to remember that I can nurture a love for God’s Word, but I cannot create it. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. Remembering the work of the Holy Spirit drives me to pray more fervently for my children, and also to rest in his provision for the results of my labor.

(19) If you like to read, check out
by Mortimer Adler (I’m partial to the old, out-of-print edition). Neither of these books is about reading the Bible specifically, but they both address the process of becoming an active reader. You may find them inspiring as I did. One important idea from these books is that good readers aren’t terribly concerned about gaps in their understanding as they read. In fact, those gaps actually cause them to be more alert and more active as they read. Help your children not to fear how much they don’t understand. Teach them that good readers have lots of questions as they read, and encourage them to keep going and to keep asking questions when they don’t understand.
Excerpt from
22 Ideas to Help Your Children Study And Love the Bible by Michelle Brock
Pray for the Nations:

More than 1.2 billion people live country of India. These 1.2 billion make up 1,469 different people groups with their own cultures and many with their own distinct language.
Monday: Out of the people groups in India, 1,245 are labeled as unreached, meaning that there are less than two percent who follow Jesus Christ. Please pray for more followers in these groups.
Tuesday: Still more overwhelming are the 477 people groups in India who are unengaged and unreached. This means that not only do less than two percent of people follow Christ, no one is actively trying to reach these groups with the gospel. Please pray for believers to have access to these groups.
Wednesday: The Bania (Mahagi) people (pop. 354,000) are Hindu, worshipping over 300 million gods. Pray that they would find hope in the one God.
Thursday: Pray for Indian Christians who speak Mahagi to share the gospel with the Bania.

Pray for children to be exposed to the gospel as they travel to other areas for college. Pray that they would take this message back to their home.


Song of the week: As you continue in worship, let’s thank the Lord that through it all our eyes can be fixed on Him. Join in singing, “It is Well”.

“Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you. Through it all, it is well.”

A link to this song:


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