Christian Education:


New Life In Christ

What do you do when someone accepts Christ?  How do you disciple them?  What do they need to know? How do you help them form the basic habits necessary for their Christian life?  The New Life In Christ discipleship manuals were designed to help Christians grow. The lessons will help new believers take their first steps towards victory in their Christian life. The original volume was written in Spanish, and later translated into English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Swahili, Kinyarwanda y Malgache. Click here to download free copies.



Church Life:

7 Wrong Reasons to Join a Church

Committing yourself and your family to a local church is one of the most important decisions you will ever make this side of eternity; and yet, for all the weightiness of it, it is a decision to which the larger part of church attenders have given little to no thought.


Home and Family:


Talking About Santa Claus: What To Teach the Kids?

Santa Claus has taken over the Christmas season. From a historical man giving gifts to needy children, to a jolly old man in a red suit, Christmas has become about far more than a babe in a manger. How should Christians talk about Santa Claus with their children? What is the best way to sensitively present truth to young hearts? On today’s program, Dr. Mohler discusses the importance of being honest with children while also being sensitive to the narrative behind Santa Claus. The blessing of good narrative can provide wonderful opportunities to teach important lessons to listening ears.

Divorce and Remarriage:
John Piper is founder and teacher of and chancellor of Bethlehem College & Seminary and we trust his teachings.  We urge you to visit the resource page on divorce and remarriage at