Missions Of The Heart, headquartered in Morristown Tennessee, yearns to spread the Word of God and advance His Kingdom! If you have a need please do not hesitate to ask. If you are seeking the Truth we will be happy to share with you the endless love of our Father! We use our God given talents to reach out to a lost world and seek out those in need and provide physical necessities, education, and love. Our calling is to do our part to help fight poverty through teaching job skills, education, financial planning, and providing the necessities of life- food, shelter, and love!

The Windham FamilyWindham Family

Dr. Lee and Lessie Windham along with their two children are originally from Ariton Alabama. We currently reside in Morristown Tennessee after following God’s call to become missionaries in the area. Our family has various God given talents and abilities that we use to advance His Kingdom.  Learn more about the Windham Family and Missions Of The Heart by visiting their website at http://missionsoftheheart.org/index.html